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Oliver Walker has a very wide spectrum of musical knowledge from underground, experimental to laid back lounge vibes. He has been creating a multi genre based musical library which is soon to be unleashed, easily mastering multiple genres, he’s a talent to watch. Enjoy his distinctive individual sound.
Daniel Niewald started djing in 1995 and producing in 1999. His musical skills as a guitar player helped. While already djing electronic music he hung out in reggae dub studios to understand the basics of mixing for productions. He DJ's since more than ten years in the sunset ashram, Ibiza and is often a guest on various radio stations and venues of Ibiza.  
Soulbrothers A.K.A. Sol Kara and Daniel Mancini have been collaborating for over 15 years now. Sol who was based in Manchester and met Daniel who is currently London based. They started to work together to blend they backgrounds of Acid, NY, Chicago House & Techno. We are exited to have such experience artist ‘s collaborating. 
Joe Smilovitch,who is originally from london and now based in Ibiza and has been producing for over 10 years. He started by deejaying in the London circuit and soon after found out his passion for drumming & producing. We are really looking forward to his unique sound.
Sol Kara has been producing for over 15 years now. Sol who was based in Manchester and is currently Ibiza based. His musical influence is Acid, NY, Chicago House & Techno. He as been working very hard in the studio and we can expect some amazing tracks of him.
Miguel B was born in Germany. After producing tunes at the age of fourteen, he soon found himself behind the decks and began to carve out his skills as a DJ his music consists of deep hypnotic beats and groovy rhythms that featured a dub influenced deep house and techno vibe.